Lowongan Kerja MARKETING & SALES MANAGER Kaliandra (10 September 2009)

Kaliandra is an established foundation set up in 1997, working with the surrounding communities to improve their standard of living. It carries out various community development programmes and supports conservation of natural and cultural resources. Located on the cool and scenic slopes of Mount Arjuna about two hours south of Surabaya and an hour from Malang, an eco-tourism resort business has been set up to support the foundation activities. In addition we are now expanding into the Organic Agriculture business to promote responsible and community based farming and to the chalets, lodges, restaurants and swimming pool, the resort also provides traditional dance, music, art, conference facilities, corporate support services, outward bound-rope course-leadership programmes, relaxing spa treatments, home stays and village visits. For the more adventurous, there are trekking programmes around Mount Arjuna, mountain-biking, and tour packages which include the many interesting sites around East Java.

We now have vacancy for the following position in the eco-tourism resort business and the Organic Agriculture business:


The Job
1. To develop, implement and manage the marketing strategy and plans in terms of product development, positioning, pricing, promotion & distribution channels.
2. To implement an effective sales management system and processes including target setting, sales tracking, sales forecasting system, development of sales aids, sales training & development and financial controls.
3. Manage the marketing and sales team to develop an aggressive sales culture and sales competencies within the organization to motivate and inspire the sales team to achieve their monthly, quarterly and annual sales targets.
4. To identify the customers segments, under their needs and develop innovative products, packages that meets their needs, and manage the pricing structure.
5. To manage and expand the sales distribution channels, including appointment of sales agents, building strategic partnerships and effective use of e-channels to expand the customer base and be responsible for customer satisfaction and customer relation management.
6. Responsible for market research including competitors’ activities, price, trend, products available in the market, packaging, etc.
7. Present periodic reports on sales performance to the Management Committee.

Our Requirements
1. A graduate (at least S1) with 3 – 5 years of relevant work experience in a similar capacity, with proven track record of success. Those with background in hospitality and tourism with an MBA are encouraged to apply.
2. Knowledge and experience in strategic marketing, sales and other managerial functions, such as planning, budgeting, forecasting, product development, pricing and people management are essential.
3. Excellent interpersonal skills to build good working relationships and an effective network both externally and internally, with ability to communicate in English.
4. A good team builder and team player with strong analytical, decision making and leadership and selling skills
5. Must have good understanding and commitment to conservation of nature and culture.

The Job
1. Responsible for management of the Nursery to meet production requirements.
2. Responsible for the management of the crop cultivation process to meet the agreed production requirements per production schedule from PPQC.
3. To ensure that the agreed standards for seedlings and crop yield are met in terms of productivity, quality and cost.
4. In liaison with Production Support Department, to provide the necessary information for the quantity required to meet production requirements for compost, fertlizers and pesticides, taking into account the lead time.
5. To manage the Farmers Co-operative Programme including providing techno-commercial support, relationship building, crop cultivation methodology, training, MoU terms and financial performance.
6. To implement and manage an effective and systematic process for all transactions with the Co-op Farmers, ensuring that there is documented evidence of all goods/ materials transferred to, and received from, the Farmers for accounting purposes.
7. Responsible for harvesting of crops, and grading of produce, before transferring to Production Support Division.
8. To keep abreast on the latest crop production methodology and technology in sustainable agriculture.

Our Requirements
6. A graduate in agriculture with at least 5 years of relevant work experience, good understanding in crop production management, with proven track record of success. Those who have experience in crop production in a farmers co-op programme are encouraged to apply.
7. Must love field work, trouble shooting, with good planning and organizational skills.
8. Good leadership with excellent interpersonal and communication skills (in Bahasa Indonesia and preferably in English) to build good working relationships with the farming community.
9. A good team builder and team player with strong analytical, decision making and leadership and selling skills.
10. Must have good understanding and commitment to conservation of nature and culture.

Please send your applications to The HRD Department, Kaliandra Sejati
PO BOX 99 Pandaan or e-mail to hrd@kaliandrasejati.org.
Contact Person: Hermin 0343 885557 Mobile +62 85549500009

  1. loeongan krj di daerah pasuruan dunk…

  2. nunggu aku sarjana dulu

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