Lowongan Kerja Malang JUNIOR PROGRAMMERS KapanLagi.com (22 Agustus 2009

KapanLagi.com, Indonesia Biggest Entertaiment Site, is looking for young, smart, and progressive


1. D3/S1 Degree of Computer Science or Informatics Technology
2. One year experience in real-world projects is an advantage
3. Have high skill in PHP and MySQL
4. Respectable skill in Java and *NIX is an advantage
5. Proficient in English
6. Comfortable to work in a TEAM (not individually)
7. Able to work well under pressure
8. Have a high attention to detail and ZERO-tolerance approach to errors
9. Willing to work in Malang

If you think you’re good enough for us, please send your Cover Letter
(including your expected salary) and CV (both in ENGLISH) to :

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.


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