Lowongan Surabaya STUDIO ASSISTANT Beyond Portrait (30 Juli 2009)

Beyond Portrait is a new generation of portrait studio in Surabaya,
it has pioneered the concept of contemporary and stylish portraiture
that changed the traditional way of showing portraiture.
We are looking for someone to fit in this position:


The role is simple, you will be a “studio keeper” who is responsible for all the studio needs from dealing with customers to selling the products. Highly motivated and ambitious individuals who have a passion for the responsibility of the day to day management of the studio.

min. graduate S1
Sales background
Strong and effective management skills
Analytical, with a sound grasp of financial and business planning processes, you will possess excellent organisational skills.
Microsoft office, word, excel and e-mail. Managerial qualifications would be an advantage.
A clear telephone manner and excellent communication skills, especially Verbal and interpersonal, are vital.

Young and proffesional women with an outgoing and approachable person, you will be target driven, self-motivated and confident. You will be honest, reliable and smart in appearance, whilst being flexible and willing to travel, also with an understanding and enthusiasm in both photography and design.

Send your CV (include a photo of yourself in Close Up and Full body)
to us at

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