Lowongan Surabaya DIGITAL ARTIST/PHOTOEDITOR (30 Juli 2009)Beyond Portrait

Beyond Portrait is a new generation of portrait studio in Surabaya,
it has pioneered the concept of contemporary and stylish portraiture
that changed the traditional way of showing portraiture. We are looking for someone that have a talent in:


Working in a digital studio environment you will be responsible for the studios creative digital manipulation, artistic retouching and order formatting prior to Lab printing and production. You will also maintain the PC’s, network and server hardware and software applications. A key objective will be to meet production deadlines within an agreed cost target.

Other post production activities: including finishing and quality assurance may be an integral part of this role in some instances.

D3/S1 & male or female are welcome.
Great skills and experience in Adobe Photoshop
Highly motivated and CREATIVE in retouch and manipulate images.
Have a strong natural eye for composition and design.
A broad knowledge of IT (including PC/MAC networks and software)

A methodical, easy going, fun, responsible to work to deadline, process orientated individual, who enjoys individual responsibility along with team interaction.

Send your great portfolio and CV to us at

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